Lake Shore Field Service Technicians diagnose and assist with field problems.

Lake Shore’s Marine/Defense Service Department is staffed by our authorized Technical Representatives to provide support to our customers in the United States and around the world. These Tech Reps are strategically located near the major ports on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts to provide rapid response at minimal cost to our customers. Lake Shore’s Tech Reps are factory trained on all of Lake Shore’s defense products. Their expertise ranges from theory of operation and diagnosis, to material selection and design. The representatives are experienced in both deckplate and classroom environments, and are routinely called upon to troubleshoot, repair, and provide training on the wide range of equipment we have manufactured and installed over many decades.

During the course of their work, they provide hands-on support to the operators and routinely verify and promulgate revisions to technical documentation to ensure full compliance with actual installations.

As full time employees, the field service engineers enjoy direct access to all of their colleagues at Lake Shore, including the engineers, designers, and factory employees who designed and built the product. Lake Shore’s customer base is worldwide, and our technical and administrative support personnel are accustomed to responding when and where needed. International travel is routinely accommodated.

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Cannon Mining knows that uptime is critical to maintaining high productivity and profitability in your mine. That’s why we’re committed to building a parts and service support system that keeps you running at full speed. We’re closely listening to your challenges and expectations so we can better deliver the parts and service support you need to boost productivity and operational excellence.

Common components are used throughout our line to simplify parts replacement. Today, we’re leveraging the right technologies to better anticipate your parts needs, and we’re investing strongly in inventory to ensure those parts are readily available to you.

It’s long been our standard to send service supervisors during the commissioning of your machine, and to provide additional operator training and required machine troubleshooting. Today, we’re investing in developing our support team to provide the assistance you need to realize optimum efficiency.

At Cannon, we’ve built our reputation by building rugged and dependable mining equipment that makes your mining operation safer, more productive, and more profitable. And we’re here to make sure your equipment finishes the job. It’s our promise to you. 

Drifter Rebuilds
Exchange program – starts with a spare drifter sold with each machine.