Single and twin-boom drill jumbos - rugged and reliable.

Drill Features
•Single or Double Boom
•Five boom sizes available
–PRB 37,50,80,110
–PRB 220 (for DPXH only)
•Feeds from 12’ to 26’
–Based on required hole depth
•Benching drill option
•Options on tires, lighting, fire suppression, cab type, flushing system, greasing system, drill hole placement indication, drill angle indication system, hydraulic controls system…

Power Configurations
HD-Diesel Tram, Diesel Drill
–Common in mine development and tunneling
HE- Diesel Tram, Electric Drill
–Common in production mining, some large tunneling projects
HED-Diesel Tram, Dual-Powered Drill (Electric & Diesel)
–Exclusive Cannon offering
–Advantage in new mine development
-Ramp development in diesel, moving straight into production with same machine
Battery Tram, Electric Drill
–Exclusive Cannon offering
–Eliminates diesel particulate emission, Tier IV alternative
–Loses no power at high altitude, unlike Diesel

ADS-500 Face Simulation
•Available as option on single or double boom drills
•Simplifies and automates ‘setup’ process, improves accuracy
•Real-time boom position, hole depth and angle via CAN-BUS
•Operator programmable, intuitive joystick operation