Modular Causeway System

Lake Shore offers a commercial causeway system for use as a temporary bridge, pier, or ferry to be used by local, state, and federal governments agencies, as well as port and marine transportation companies. 

We design and manufacture causeways to serve as bridges, landing systems, piers, and ferries for military and commercial applications. We have a proven record of performance in meeting ship-to-shore materials transfer needs for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy. 
Lake Shore's causeways are composed of several independently operated modules, which allow this product to efficiently meet several different transportation applications. The modules are moved and positioned with a powered warping tug which also possesses cargo carrying capabilities. This floating causeway offers an integrated seabed anchoring system that can quickly be configured and installed to serve as a temporary bridge in response to bridge outages and natural disasters such as hurricanes. With our causeway, you can have your bridging and material transfer operations up and running in a matter of hours.