Dry Cargo Transfer Systems

ESTREAM Replenishment-At-Sea delivery stations, capable of delivering dry cargo by tensioned highline or light cargo and personnel by fiber rope highline.  Cargo is suspended from a trolley that rides on a tensioned wire highline from an ESTREAM transfer station on the receiving ship.  The tension in the lines remain the same regardless of ship motion.  The inhaul and outhaul winches pull the trolley back and forth between the ships.  Their tension mode automatically compensates for ship roll. ESTREAM Replenishment-At-Sea stations include a highline winch with anti-slack device or ASD, inhaul and outhaul winches, spring tower with anti-slack device for each hauling winch, ram tensioner, and sliding block drive.  The ram tensioner is used to provide constant tension to the highline when the wire is connected to the receiving ship.  Hauling winches are used to pay out and haul in the retrieving line.  Each winch has an ASD to prevent birdcaging and maintain proper line tension.  The sliding block drive with transfer head is mounted on the kingpost and is used to raise and lower the load at the receiving station so it will clear the bulkhead during transfer.  It is also used to lower the trolley for connecting the load, rigging or returning a load.