Watertight stern doors, sideport shells, hangar doors, jet blast deflectors, security doors – large and small doors meeting specifications.  For structural closures click here.

Hangar Doors - Electrically powered roller curtain door that provides access to a shipboard hangar.  The door is designed to travel up and down along steel tracks on rollers, powered by a drive assembly with drums of lift and return wire ropes.  Hangar doors are designed to go from a fully open to closed position, or vice versa, in less than 30 seconds. 

Sideport Shell closure system - Hydraulically operated as an integral part of the sideport cargo crane system, and consists of both inboard and shell doors.  Each inboard door is operated by a hydraulic cylinder and each shell door is operated by hydraulic rotary actuators.  Inboard and shell doors are locked in the closed position by a series of mechanically connected dogs operated hydraulically.  When closed, the doors maintain the watertight integrity of the ship.  The shell door is a two-panel hinged closure and when open the doors move parallel to the ship's outboard shell plates.  The inboard door is a two-panel closure hinged outboard in a 90 degree arc.  Shell and inboard doors are designed to open or close in a range of 30 to 90 seconds. 

Stern Doors - Watertight, double door design opening outward from the rear of the ship.  Each aluminum door uses hydraulics (cylinders) to open, close, and dog each door.  The doors use additional cylinders to dog the door to the coaming and the ramp, and to each other, to ensure it’s watertight.  These doors are designed to open or close within 60 seconds in up to Sea State 4 conditions.